The Omega Gents were taught how to handle conflict with conflict resolution skills that emphasized positively resolving issues when encountered.

Conflict Resolution

The Gents reviewed the following topics:

  • A conflict is more than just a disagreement.
  • Conflicts continue to fester when ignored.
  • We respond to conflicts based on our perceptions.
  • Conflicts trigger strong emotions.
  • Conflicts are an opportunity for growth.

After review, the Gents were provided with positive responses to conflict:

  • The capacity to empathize with the other person’s viewpoint.
  • Calm, non-defensive and respectful reactions.
  • A readiness to forgive and forget; and to move past the conflict without holding resentments or anger.
  • The ability to seek compromise and avoid punishing.
  • A belief that facing conflict head on is the best thing for both sides.

Debate Time

Following the session on conflict resolution, the Gents were divided into three debate teams: The Resolvers, The Dragon Ball Z Kia and The Thinkers. Each team was assigned a mentor to serve as a team captain to assist in the discussion and to formulate the answers. The teams had a different representative for each round of debate who had to present the team’s answer to the debate committee which consisted of mentors. The teams’ representatives were graded on body language, speaking skills and overall quality of the answers. The Resolvers managed to pull out a close win and will be rewarded along with the two other teams during a later mentoring session.

The debate questions presented to the teams were as follows:

  • How should parents handle a bad report card?
  • Should students be able to grade their teachers?
  • Do leaders have moral obligations?
  • Should parents limit how much time children spend on tech devices?

Article written by: Dante’ Williams | Mentor Coordinator

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