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The Omega Gents were treated to a special session focusing on bullying and leadership by guest instructor, Mr. James Harding. Mr. Harding shared with the Gents how he was bullied growing up and how he was mistakenly identified as the bully on several occasions when he was only trying to protect himself. Mr. Harding started karate classes in middle school in an effort to learn to protect himself. As a result, Mr. Harding was introduced to a whole new world. He became more disciplined while learning how to defend himself. He shared with the Gents how he now encounters several of the people who bullied him and are now seeking his assistance in gaining employment. Mr. Harding showed the Gents that he wears several different “hats” which breaks down his lesson that one may never know who they are bullying, what they may become or how they may react.

During the second part of the mentoring session, Mr. Harding presented a rubik’s cube assignment that focuses on leadership and determination. The Gents were divided into groups of four. Mr. Harding challenged each Gent to step up and be the leader of their group. He shared that companies such as his employer, Google, are looking for leaders and young people in the STEM areas. Furthermore, he shared that companies are looking for someone who can contribute, who can be a leader and who can add to the company’s culture. After the leaders were in place, Mr. Harding offered each group a monetary challenge to solve the rubik’s cube and beat his time to solve the puzzle. Neither group solved the rubik’s cube; however, an offer was extended to the group leaders to return and challenge Mr. Harding anytime after additional practice.

Article written by: Dante’ Williams | Mentor Coordinator

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