our mission

Fostering Education Through Mentorship and Scholarships


ur mission is fostering education through mentorship and scholarship.  In order to align with our mission, we develop and implement community outreach programs such as mentoring young men, donating Thanksgiving dinner baskets to families and presenting exceptional students who have maintained good grades and excellent citizenship with gifts on Christmas through our “Christmas Giveaway” initiative.  We also award scholarships to graduating seniors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Through our many communities activities we have the opportunity to make a difference.



The Omega Gents Mentoring Program accepts young men from ages 10-15 years of age and operates on yearly basis with two terms during the year.

The mission of the program is to establish a bonded relationship with young men by offering knowledge, support, and guidance. In addition, the program will teach basic principles involved with the transformation to manhood.



Program Focus

 The program focuses on four critical areas necessary for this successful transformation.

  1. Building Block Number One – Manhood
  2. Building Block Number Two – Scholarshi
  3. Building Block Number Three – Health and Wellness
  4. Building Block Number Four – Community/Social Involvement.


STEM Program

Our STEM-Math & Science Tutoring program is designed to expose students to how coding is used in the Animation and the Robotics fields. We offer tutoring in Math and Science in addition to the coding program so we can have a correlation of exceptional Math and Science grades with students who are in our STEM program.

CS First designed by Google is an online programming site we use as the Curriculum for our program. Every student has to create a username and password for a personal account to log in to the Scratch block programming site and CS site. The students are given assigned projects every week to create in Scratch with presentations of the finished project at the end of the session. Students are expected to create character movement, speech and navigate Robots by learning the skill of coding. Students also will be taught how to fly drones. Students will have tutoring weekly for Math and Science subject areas for the 5th to 9th grades

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